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CMS Clinical Laboratory Unit

Design Features:
◊ Hospital-grade insulated floors, walls and ceilings
◊ Cupboards, drawers and worktops
◊ Reverse cycle air-conditioning
◊ Sink unit, hot and cold filtered water

Equipment and Ancillaries:
◊ QBC Autoread Haematology Analyzer
◊ Abaxis Piccollo Chemistry Analyzer
◊ Microscope – Olympus-3 magnification
◊ Centrifuge – Reliacen (Electra, USA) Bench Top Model
◊ Autoclave/Steam Sterilizer – EMS012 (Electra, USA)
◊ Pharmacy Refrigerator 2-8 Degrees – Kelvinator
◊ Water Bath – EMB302 (Electra, USA)
◊ Reagent Kits – Biochemistry
◊ Reagent Kits – Haematology

Technical Data:
This is a two-container laboratory with connecting walls removed. Each container is identically fitted except for installed equipment.

20 ft. ISO Class C Container, double - glazed windows, insulated doors, walls and ceilings. Hospital grade PVC floor coverings, Formica type work surfaces, individually-fused power points, built-in cupboards and drawers, reverse-cycle split-system heater/air conditioner, 4 ft. wide doors to facilitate entry and exit, external connections for water, drainage and electricity.


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