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HESCO E.O.P.S (Extended Overhead Protection System)
The EOPS concept proves a roof structure with defined overhead protection for larger facilities. EOPS is built around existing, ISO container-buildings such as MECCs, or even basic sea container units. The frames of such ISO units combined with a steel superstructure provide the necessary support for the roof.

EOPS provides overhead protection against all mortar bombs and super-quick-fused 155mm artillery shells. EOPS was originally designed to withstand an attack from an 81mm mortar bomb, typical of the size used by insurgents. However, testing and development has shown that EOPS can withstand a much heavier explosive force of 30kg NEQ.

An EOPS installation forms, as a minimum, a triple wide structure. Because EOPS is essentially modular, there is no limit to the area of the installation to be protected. EOPS can be right-sized to implement any
single storey plan.

Guard Post/Sangar

The components of this set provide a small emplacement with two-foot thick walls and 18” (5.48m) of overhead cover. Embrasure (firing/observation point) forms are included in the set as are roof joists and roofing material.

The interior space is four foot by six foot, with 6’6” (1.98m) of headroom. The complete set is delivered on a single pallet weighing 826lb (375kg). Detailed instructions for the assembly of the guard post are supplied.


Personnel & Material Bunkers

Bunkers sets have been developed to utilise forty and twenty foot ISO containers. Walls are constructed using appropriate MIL 1 sections providing a wall thickness of 3’ 6”. The roof design provides two feet of overhead cover.

Material bunkers provide access from one end of the bunker, while personnel bunkers provide access from both ends. While the containers are not absolutely
necessary, they do provide enhanced protection, by acting as a spall liner; and can, if properly ventilated, provide environmental protection to the occupants.
For personnel bunkers using a standard sea container, it is highly recommended that an escape means be provided, by cutting a hole in the opposite end to the container doors. Containers are not provided with the sets. Detailed instructions for the assembly of the
bunker are included with the kit.


Containerised Bunker Kit

A containerised kit has been developed which offers an effective means of transporting all the components required to construct a bunker. The ISO container has a fully opening side, facilitating rapid deployment of all
components. The container also comes complete with a pre-fabricated personnel door and a rear escape hatch, both of which can be opened from inside.


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